Components catalogue 2021

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Accessories - no drilling installation
Child Safety
Glydea curtain track
KS curtain track
Torro curtain track
Curtain tracks - universal accessories
Ball chains
Mosquito nets Genius pleated
Mosquito nets Genius roll-up
Mosquito nets Moskito - frame/door system
Pleated blinds general accessories
Pleated blinds Vako
Pleated blinds Vegas
Roman blinds - Accessories
Roman blinds - Chain
Roman blinds - Moderno
Roman blinds - Cord
Roman blinds - Ultra
Roller blinds - Accesories
Roller blinds - Spring accesories
Roller blinds - Besta
Roller blinds - Coulisse Absolute
Roller blinds - Dekolux
Roller blinds - RT
Roller blinds - Silent Spring
Control systems general accessories
Control systems Legrand
Control systems Somfy
Control systems Torro
Control systems Torro Outdoor
Control systems - vertical blinds
Pleated blind fabrics 20mm
Pleated blind fabrics 25mm Honeycomb
Roller blind fabrics
Roller blind fabrics Duolight
Roman blind fabrics
Vertical blind fabrics
Machinery and tools Dormax
Panel track accessories
Panel track - Standard
Vertical blinds special accessories
Vertical blinds - Black & Grey
Vertical blinds - PVC
Vertical blinds - Standard
Venetian blinds - wood/bamboo accessories
Venetian blinds - between the glass accessories
Venetian blinds - special accessories
Venetian blinds - Bamboo 25mm
Venetian blinds - Bamboo 50mm
Venetian blinds - Bamboo 50mm Brushed
Venetian blinds - Basswood 25mm
Venetian blinds - Basswood 25mm simple
Venetian blinds - Basswood 50 mm
Venetian blinds - Basswood 50mm simple
Venetian blinds - Africa wood
Venetian blinds - Faux Wood 50mm
Venetian blinds - crank drives
Venetian blinds - chain drives 25mm
Venetian blinds - snap on profile Vario 25
Venetian blinds - braids 16/25/35/50mm
Venetian blinds - system 16/25mm Isotra
Venetian blinds - system 16/25mm V10
Venetian blinds - system 16/25mm V13
Venetian blinds - system 50mm Coulisse
Venetian blinds - system 50mm Retro
Venetian blinds - system 50mm Standard
Venetian blinds - system 50 mm Turnils
Venetian blinds - system CTS
Venetian blinds - system Glass
Venetian blinds - slats 16mm
Venetian blinds - slats 25mm
Venetian blinds - slats 50mm
Venetian blinds - slats 50mm exclusive
Venetian blinds - slats 50mm other

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Pleated blinds AGT 20mm
Roman blinds - Absolute
Roman blinds - R-Max
Roller blinds - CMAX
Roller blinds - CMAX Dormax
Roller blinds - Louvolite white
Roller blinds - Louvolite black & grey
Roller blinds - SLS springs
Control systems Coulisse
Control systems Elero/Nice
Machinery and tools - systems
Vertical blinds - Vogue
Venetian blinds - Basswood 50mm Rustic
Autoline curtain track
Cord weights and tassels Lux
Pleated blinds XL pleat 50mm
Roller blinds - Coulisse Ultimate
Roller blinds - silklight
Pleated blind fabrics 50mm
Laser cut fabrics
Panel track - Ultimate
Vertical blinds - wood
Vertical blinds - Enigma
Woven Bamboo system