Cosiflor 20mm

Control Type Option Information
Manual VS1 standard
VS2 standard
VS3 day-night
VS3-SD day-night
VS4 triangle + rectangular
VS4S triangle + rectangular
VS5 trapezium + rectangular
VS6 trapezium + rectangular
VS7 trapezium
VS8 trapezium
VS9 triangle
VS10 right-angle
Free-hanging F1 rectangular
F2 "top-down"
F3 day-night
F4 chain
FS 1 / FS 2 triangle + rectangular
FDS3 / FDS4 triangle
FE 24V DC free-hanging
(roof lights)
DF10 standard
DF20 standard
DF30 day-night
PL11 standard
PLE12 24V DC
Circular SR 1 / SR 1m semi-circle /
SR 2 / SR 2m quarter

Cosiflor DF 10

- fixed upper rail, movable bottom rail
- colour: white, anode, black-brown, brass
- manual control
- fitting: angle
- windows types: rectangular roof-lights
- designated for original windows of Velux, Fakro, Roto and Okpol
- Child Safety product